Aircraft ownership is one of the most significant financial commitments you’ll ever make. Protect your investment by trusting FlightWorks to bring the best-of-the-best aircraft acquisition talent into the conversation when you decide to purchase or upgrade your aircraft. If it’s time to modify your aircraft with new avionics, paint, or interior, we oversee the process with expert precision.

Aircraft Acquisition Services

The process of finding and purchasing the ideal aircraft can be overwhelming. FlightWorks partners with the best expert aviation acquisition firms in the world that will walk you through the entire aircraft acquisition process, from analysis to completion.

  • Determine aircraft requirements based on your travel needs
  • Establish a purchasing strategy, including the pre-purchase inspection and final delivery acceptance
  • Analyze acquisition costs and ongoing operating expense
  • Records research and review
  • Investigate financing options
  • Hire and train the finest pilots, flight attendants or maintenance technicians
  • Answer your acquisition questions (taxes, 1031 exchange, insurance, and more)
  • Identify and implement future return on investment (ROI) opportunities

Contact FlightWorks to learn more about our aircraft acquisition partners.


Aircraft Modification Services

When it’s time to give your aircraft a cosmetic upgrade, or you want the latest entertainment, communication, or Wi-Fi capabilities, we’ll manage the oversight process for you. Trust FlightWorks to ensure the work is done perfectly from start to finish.

  • Set a modification strategy to fit your needs, timeline, and budget
  • Create and execute a comprehensive RFP to ensure best value for every dollar spent
  • Complete project management from concept to completion
  • Vendor oversight and management

FlightWorks’ aviation consultants understand the complex aircraft modification process. Contact FlightWorks today to learn more about our aircraft modification services.

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