Post-Acquisition Services

FlightWorks' Turnkey Acquisition and Management service makes aircraft ownership easy and enjoyable. Working closely with our aircraft acquisition partner, we've combined aircraft acquisition and aircraft management into one comprehensive program. By doing so, there is no delay in operating your aircraft immediately after acquisition.

FlightWorks partner with the best OEMs and aircraft brokers in the industry to provide turnkey acquisition and management programs that offer complete aviation services – from the initial aircraft purchase to the day-to-day operational and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Complete all FAA conformity inspections
  • Hire, train and supervise crew
  • Provide/oversee routine aircraft maintenance
  • 24/7/365 scheduling and dispatch
  • Obtain comprehensive insurance coverage through our fleet policy 
  • Manage all your travel-related needs, in the air and on the ground

Trust FlightWorks to take care of your aircraft, while you enjoy the benefits. Owning an aircraft has never been easier! Contact FlightWorks today to learn more about our world-class Aviation Consulting services.


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