Aircraft Management Benefits, the FlightWorks Way


We started FlightWorks 20 years ago with a vision of providing seamless solutions to your Part 135 or Part 91 aircraft management needs. The following case study displays the value that FlightWorks can deliver to a managed aircraft owner. Whether it’s economy of scale savings, charter and fuel surcharge revenue, or just the peace of mind of seeing tangible strategies that preserve the value of your aircraft while simultaneously lowering your cost of ownership and flying, we have you covered. At FlightWorks, you get responsiveness, not bureaucracy or red tape. Our team of seasoned professionals includes talent assembled from the best in the private aviation industry. Our leadership team has over 125 years of not just business experience; our experience is in business aviation. Ask yourself these questions:


    • Is my aircraft being managed as an asset with preserved long-term value, or is my management company using my aircraft in whatever way makes them the most money?


    •  Is my management company 100% transparent on how they earn their money?


    • Do I receive 100% of the benefits of the savings my management company receives through discounted fuel, training and insurance, or do they take a cut?


    • Am I receiving 100% of the fuel surcharge collected from charter customers that fly in my aircraft, or is my management company taking a cut?


  • Does my management company take 100% of the credit risk for charter collections? Am I certain that my aircraft is being operated “smart”? Are we as efficient as we can be?

This case study clearly and simply displays what you will receive when FlightWorks manages your aircraft: safety first, exceptional service in all that we do, and absolute transparency in our business practices. The bottom line is that your goals with your aircraft become our goals. The output is preserved asset value while also enjoying a well-run and efficient flight operation.



The following case study is based on typical turbojet aircraft in each class: Light, Mid, Super-Mid and Large Cabin. We have assumed 200 owner hours and 200 charter hours to demonstrate how charter contribution lowers your cost of flying. Several of our aircraft owners reliably garner more than $1,000,000 in annual charter revenue and have done so for many consecutive years. They are benefiting from a healthy hourly charter contribution margin while also knowing we are operating their aircraft to maintain long-term value. We are partners with our aircraft owners; therefore we understand what trips make financial sense and which do not. Does your management company understand this critical fact? The table below displays how safety, asset management, and smart flying habits combine to significantly lower your cost of operation.

Case Study Chart 1

As you can see, the case study demonstrates the net effects that FlightWorks aircraft management can have on your cost of flying. When managed correctly with expertise and precision, your cost of flying can be reduced by as much as 90% and in some cases even more.



We procure millions of gallons of fuel, hundreds of pilot training slots and millions of dollars of insurance each year. We pass 100% of these savings on to you without markup. Does your management company do the same? We typically see discounts of as much as 45% on fuel, 60% on pilot training and 25% on hull and liability insurance when compared to today’s retail rates. The reason is simple: we share your passion for efficiency while still delivering value. Become a FlightWorks  aircraft management client and you reap every penny of the benefits from our procurement strategy.



It is a fact that not all management companies are the same. In fact, the differences can be startling. If you don’t know what to look for, you may not know that you have signed up with a company whose values, goals and practices are not aligned with your expectations. The following table shows some areas that differentiate the best-of-the best from the average company:

Case Study Chart 2



We would be thrilled to introduce you to the benefits of FlightWorks aircraft management programs. No matter what type of management you desire, we will create a customized solution to meet your goals to maximize the enjoyment and convenience of aircraft ownership. There are many reasons to partner with FlightWorks as your preferred management company, perhaps none more important than safety, security and service. It is this core belief and an unwavering commitment to safety that provide the very foundation for FlightWorks.


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