Becca’s Closet

Do you remember your junior/senior prom? Short for promenade, prom is a social activity in which most juniors and seniors chose to participate. The night conjures up the images of beautiful gowns, tuxedos, music and pictures with friends. Unfortunately, not all students are in a financial and/or physical position to attend.

During the spring of her sophomore year, Rebecca Kirtman, who was lovingly referred to as “Becca”, single-handedly collected and donated over 250 formal dresses and helped hundreds of underprivileged girls across South Florida attend their High School proms in style. Becca tragically died in an automobile accident in August 2003. Becca’s Closet is an organization established in the memory of this passionate, fun-loving teenager. Over 85 chapters in 35 states exist today.

On March 23, Egleston Children’s Hospital hosted their second annual prom for young men and women who were unable to attend their school prom due to illnesses. Not only did the participants receive free formal wear and cosmetology services, but they were also given a themed gift basket full of whimsical items.

FlightWorks selected Becca’s Closet for its community service project. Each FlightWorks department selected the type of basket they wanted to donate and collected the items needed. FlightWorks employees then assembled 31 themed gift baskets on March 15th and presented them to the organizers of the Egleston Children’s Hospital prom.

For more information on Becca’s Closet, visit here or see the news story on Fox.


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