Breath Taking


To relieve your months of stress and tension - what would be more exciting and exhilarating than sky diving and free falling above the Grand Canyon with spectacular views of the old red rock formations of the gorge, some of which are thought to be at least 1.7 million years old.  Once you have reached the correct altitude and are ready for your jump, your USPA – qualified instructor will stabilize your free fall (you are now falling at  and around 124 mph)  enabling you to “take in” the amazing, awe-inspiring views once you stop screaming.  Paragon Skydive is the only company to offer this experience and requires you to designate them as a beneficiary on your life insurance.  Once you have survived your sky dive, return to your two bedroom penthouse at Sky Suites. Let FlightWorks get you there. Contact our charter sales department at or 770-422-7375.


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