Calvary Children’s Home

What happens to children whose families can no longer take care of them? Some lucky children find their way to the Calvary Children’s Home in Powder Springs, GA. The children at the Calvary Children’s Home live in family style cottages on a 13 acre campus that can house 35-40 children, so siblings do not have to be separated when a family needs outside assistance. The children at the Calvary Children’s Home are allowed to stay as long as they need – so they have a safe place to call home as they navigate the school years of their life and learn what their place in society will be.

This summer FlightWorks sold over $1,500 in raffle tickets to help support the Calvary Children’s Home as our way of giving back to the community around us. Thank you to everyone, employees and corporate sponsors, for helping us make the raffle to support this noble cause a success.


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