COVID-19 Related Legislation Waives FET Through the End of 2020


Recently we have seen unprecedented changes to the private travel industry as we know it. A few weeks ago, the oil market went upside-down resulting in an incredible drop in fuel charges for near future trips. In recent developments COVID-19 related legislation has waved FET (Federal Excise Tax) through the rest of 2020. For private jet charter this means an additional 7.5 percent decrease in cost. While our Operations Team works diligently to mitigate the risks of travel in these interesting times, we can assure you that FlightWorks offers the safest way to travel. According to data from GlobeAir, flying privately is up to 30 times safer than flying commercially. Each of our Aircraft are cleaned and disinfected between trips ensuring our service stands up to these stats. As the country continues to slowly open its doors again the team at FlightWorks is standing by to serve your private travel needs. Contact us at 770-422-7375 or 


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