FlightWorks – Flying to Cuba Since 2009

The ability to fly privately to and from Cuba is a new endeavor for many operators but not for FlightWorks.  FlightWorks has been approved to fly to Cuba since 2009 when it gained approval from FAA to support the US government’s national interests.  Restrictions for private flyers to operate to and from Cuba have continued to relax, and it’s never been easier than it is today.

“The ability to safely and adeptly navigate the visa, customs, and ground handling requirements in Cuba is not new to FlightWorks since we have operated literally hundreds of flights to and from the island nation” said Dan Lucey, President of FlightWorks.  He went on to say “the United States and Cuba view travel between the countries in very different ways; therefore, the rules within each country are not the same.  You must be connected with the local authorities in Cuba to remain compliant”. 

In an effort to reduce unwanted positioning costs for private flyers, FlightWorks’ fleet is strategically located near several of the 22 currently approved gateway airports that serve as departure points to Cuba. Among these locations are Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Miami, and Tampa. With vast Cuban operating experience and world-wide operating authority, FlightWorks is uniquely positioned to offer seamless services anywhere on the globe.

FlightWorks is a FAA Part 135 certified air carrier that offers both commercial charter access and private aircraft owner flights to Cuba.  For more information regarding your next trip to Cuba, call 770-422-7375 and ask for FlightWorks’ Charter Sales Department. 


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