July 4th


The summer is in full swing.  Major League baseball is awaiting the annual All Star Game on July 9th.  Both the NFC and the AFC football leagues are building their rosters for the coming season and practices have begun.  Golf has had the Masters and the Open with exciting finishes, and each week the various PGA and FEDX tournaments offer new challengers playing to beat the top contenders.  NBA basketball ended its season with the Toronto, Canada Raptors taking the prize from the Golden State Warriors but not without some controversies.  The National Hockey League finished its season with the St. Louis Blues defeating the Boston Bruins 4 – 3 and taking home the Stanley Cup much to the complete surprise and dismay of the Boston players and fans. 

The summer is not without its competitions. One of the most underrated competitions for die hard sports fans is “Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest (Mens)” held at Coney Island, New York on July 4th each year.  Where else?  The contest was supposedly started on June 30, 1967 and has grown each year.  The most recent winner is Joey Chestnut who consumed 74 of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs in the 2018 duel.  Yes, fellow readers, 74 hot dogs!  Joey has won 11 times and lost only one time since his reign began and that was in 2015 to Matt Stonie who is still at large.  The hot dogs are grilled, allowed to cool down a little before consuming and placed in buns with or without condiments depending on contestant’s choice.  Water is provided but other liquids are available.  The time limit is 10 minutes.  Enough time for 74 hot dogs?  Time to go for 75, Joey!  Takeru Koboyashi is a six-time winner and helped bring prominence to the competition along with Joey Chestnut.  Thanks to both men, ESPN now covers the event live.  Should you have nothing else to do on the 4th and want to watch the competition (you know you do) ESPN is there Live for your viewing pleasure. 

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Happy Fourth of July to all!


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