New to Private Air Charter?


With the recent pandemic making it harder for people to travel, especially via commercial airlines, more people have sought out private air travel and have realized that it is more affordable than they thought.  Especially because you cannot put a price on health and safety.  If you are new to private air charter, how much thought and research have you put into the charter options you have been requesting or deciding to use?

“Caveat Emptor” meaning “let the buyer beware”.  Make sure to do your research on the aircraft charter operator and charter broker (if applicable) when deciding “who” to use.  Most operators should be Wyvern and/or ARG/US rated.  This means that they have undergone a thorough third-party safety audit and meet some of the highest safety standards in the aviation industry. 

Using a broker?  Make sure you research the individual and/or company.  Our industry is heavily dominated with charter brokers – which is a great thing!  As an operator, we certainly rely on the relationships we build with the aircraft charter brokers and the business they provide.  However, the aircraft charter industry does not currently mandate any regulations to work as an aircraft charter broker.  You certainly want to make sure the charter broker you are working with is knowledgeable and only providing you with the safest aircraft and operator options available to you.

Always remember the saying “you get what you pay for”.  Cheapest pricing may not always afford you the lowest cost at the end of the day.  You certainly want to make sure you get the most for your dollar, but do your research to make sure you are getting the safest and most reliable charter for your money.  The cheapest option today could cost you a last-minute maintenance recovery and, ultimately, cost you more in the long run.

FlightWorks is both a Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Gold operator.  We are proud of the safety record and ratings that we have earned over the 25+ years we have been in business.

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