The Boo is Back!


That’s right – our DHC-4A Turbo Caribou is back in action after FlightWorks won a subcontract to support Erickson Incorporated in Central Africa.  The aircraft, affectionately known as “The Boo” is the most unique and versatile aircraft serving United States Transportation Command.  The Boo won a well-deserved reputation as a reliable multi-use aircraft while serving the Department of Defense in Afghanistan, providing airdrop, passenger, cargo, combi, combat offload and other valuable services to our frontline warriors. 

The mission in Africa is much the same in support of Task Order 1 of the Trans-Africa Airlift Support Contract, or TASC.  To prepare for the mission we hired and trained some of the best aviators, maintenance technicians, and loadmasters in the business that know how to operate in austere environments. When the team landed in Africa, they were able to hit the ground running.


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