The FlightWorks Way



This week the private aviation community saw one of the largest corporate operators close their doors.  In this case, the corporation made the decision to go with charter to fulfill their business aviation needs.  When a company chooses a charter provider, they must focus on the key fundamentals of safety and service.  The safety culture of any operation starts at the top.  It’s vital that senior leadership has made safety the top priority in every decision. 


But, how does a company know which charter operator to choose?  FlightWorks undergoes third party audits several times a year and is proud to be a Wyvern Wingman, ARGUS approved, and IS-BAO Stage II.  However – we chose to go beyond these accreditations and obtained Department of Defense (DOD) certification more than a decade ago.  We are one of about a dozen domestic operators to be chosen to serve the DOD, a standard far beyond any other in the industry. 


Another aspect that companies must consider is how long a company has been in operation.  Many operators come and go, yet FlightWorks has been in the marketplace for over 23 year.  Each travel experience is different, and at FlightWorks, we recognize this and make the journey one you’ll never forget.  If you have any travel needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Client Service team, 24/7 to receive a quote. We would love to show you the FlightWorks way.




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