The Value of Business Aviation

Everybody at FlightWorks is able to profess the value that not only business aviation delivers but the value that we as a company deliver to our clients. In a recent article from the NBAA “No Plane No Gain” campaign, business leaders expounded about the value that business aviation provides for their organizations. Business aviation has helped these companies by enhancing productivity, allowing people to visit multiple locations in one day, expand globally, travel securely, build strong relationships, get face to face with customers, and ultimately beat the competition.

Other facts as reported by the NBAA No Plane No Gain campaign:

• Among Business Week’s “50 Most Innovative Companies,” 95% are business aircraft users.
• 98% of the companies named in Business Week’s “100 Best Brands” use business aviation.
• Of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” 95% use business aircraft.
• 86% of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Places to Work” are business aircraft users.
• Studies have repeatedly shown that companies using business aircraft outperform similar companies that do not use business aircraft.

The bottom line of these facts is the use of business aircraft is a sign of a well-managed company. At FlightWorks, we are fortunate to support some of the finest companies in the world in their quest to be the best in their fields. Personally, I am proud of the industry and how FlightWorks is pitching in to stand up for our collective future.

The Ease of Doing Business with FlightWorks

We have recently completed our strategic planning with a concentration on tangible actions that will aid our growth goals. A term I heard recently hit home with me: “A Bias for Action”. This fits perfectly with our strategic planning and the focus on not only the “what” but more importantly the “how”. One of our main goals is to make it easy to do business with FlightWorks. Leading experts have noted that this is the number one characteristic of successful businesses. Our goal is to deliver high-value customer and partner experiences through simplified, successful interactions that:

• Improve your overall experience
• Reduce the touch-points required to complete a task

So, how may we make it easier for our current and future customers to do business with us? How do we get to “YES”? Here are a few ideas:

• Be overly responsive. We cannot do this enough, with both internal and external stakeholders. 
• Ease of Contact. Make it easy for our customers and prospective customers to contact us the way they feel comfortable doing so (phone, fax, email, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, etc.). We cannot “tell” the customer how they should interact with us; they should tell us.
• Be available. We run a 24/7/365 business that requires availability from several departments and key individuals. 
• What are your ideas for making it easier to do business with us? As our current and future customers we value your ideas. Please share them with us; we would love to hear what you think.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lucey, President and COO


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