ISR Services

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

FlightWorks is a trusted leader in aviation Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. FlightWorks has successfully completed multiple ISR missions for the Department of Defense (DoD), Counter-Terrorism agencies, the Department of State (DoS), and numerous classified contracts and clients.


  • Versatile and customized aviation platforms 
  • Engineered aircraft modifications and surveillance systems integration
  • Airborne data acquisition to meet specific military objectives 
  • Long-range and loitering mission capability 
  • Complete aviation support package offering full staffing & maintenance 
  • Pilots, technicians and mechanics with security clearances for complete confidentiality
  • CO/CO and GO/CO operations in all global theaters
  • Complete project and logistics management, including staffing and maintenance 
  • Customized mission reporting

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