Challenger 300 - RYY

This Challenger 300 seats 9 passengers comfortably and offers coast to coast non-stop flights. An added benefit is the L5 AVANCE Wi-Fi System. With the ability to stream movies and video chat while in-flight, you can travel in the upmost luxury.

Passenger Capacity
Seating: 9

Cabin Dimensions
Height: 6.1ft (1.85m)
Width: 7.2ft (2.19m)
Length: 28.6ft (8.72m)

Baggage Capacity
Internal: Cabin accessible
External: 106 cu.ft (3.0 cu.m)

Range: 3,690 SM (5,938km) ?
Endurance: 6.9hrs ?
Speed: 530mph (850km/h) ?
Altitude: 45,000ft (13,720m) ?
Minimum Runway Length: 4,500ft

Cabin Amenities
Productivity: Wi-Fi, Flight Phone
Entertainment: DVD, Airshow
Galley: Full Service (Forward) ?
Lavatory: Fully Private (Aft) ?

Cabin Attendant: Recommended


Corporate Office - 1755 McCollum Parkway NW, Entrance C, Kennesaw, GA 30144