Challenger 3500

This brand-new Challenger 3500 offers the ultimate combination of luxury, comfort, and performance.  It features industry-first cabin technology, revolutionary seating, and a striking interior. The Challenger 3500 aircraft has the widest cabin in its class with a flat floor design that allows for safe and unrestricted movement throughout the cabin. Features well-appointed galley and enclolsed lav.

Passenger Capacity
Seating: 9
Sleeping: 2

Cabin Dimensions
Height: 6.1ft (1.85m)
Width: 7.2ft (2.19m)
Length: 25.2ft (7.68m)

Baggage Capacity

Range: 3400nm
Endurance: 6hrs
Speed: 636mph (553km/h)

Cabin Amenities
Productivity: 110V, Wi-Fi
Entertainment: Airshow, DirecTV
Galley: Partial (Forward)
Lavatory: Fully Private (Aft)

Cabin Attendant: N/A

Spec Sheet


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