Citation XLS Plus [1]

The Citation XLS+ combines transcontinental range with a first class cabin. This aircraft seats up to 8 passengers and boasts of remarkable performance for a midsize jet. The aircraft is loaded with luxurious features to include complimentary Wi-Fi.  Ask our Client Service Representatives to stock the partial galley with your favorite catering service items prior to your flight.

Passenger Capacity
Seating: 8

Cabin Dimensions
Height: 5.7ft ?
Width: 5.5ft ?
Length: 18.5ft ?

Baggage Capacity
Internal: 10cuft
External: 80cuft

Speed: 433k
Minimum Runway Length: 4000ft

Cabin Amenities
Productivity: 110V, Wi-Fi, Flight Phone
Video Monitors: 1
Entertainment: Airshow
Galley: Partial (Forward)
Lavatory: Fully Private (Aft)

Cabin Attendant: N/A

Spec Sheet


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