DHC-4T (Turbo Caribou)

Retrofitted with powerful and reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6-67T turboprop engines that are easily maintained in austere environments, this Turbo Caribou is an exceptional STOL (Short Take-off & Landing) aircraft. With the ability to operate from improved and unimproved surfaces it is well suited for delivery missions to remote locations. This Turbo Caribou is equipped with an FAA-approved roller system with the ability to carry up to 7,500lbs (3,400kg) of payload. Personnel and equipment can be deployed into remote drop zones via static line para-drop. The large aft cargo ramp/door allows this aircraft to carry up to three times the cargo when compared to a CASA-212.

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Passenger Capacity
Seating: 9 ?

Cabin Dimensions
Height: 6.25ft (1.90m) ?
Width: 7.25ft (2.21m) ?
Length: 28.75ft (8.76m) ?

Baggage Capacity
Internal: 1150 cu.ft (32.5 cu.m) ?

Range: 945 SM (1,521km) ?
Endurance: 5.2 hrs ?
Speed: 195mph (315km/h) ?
Altitude: 10,000ft (3,050m) ?
Minimum Runway Length: 800ft (250m) ?

Cabin Amenities
Galley: N/A
Lavatory: N/A

Cabin Attendant: N/A

Spec Sheet


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