Gulfstream G200 - PDK

Enjoy your flight on this popular Gulfstream model. Lean back in the fully-adjustable plush seats. There's plenty of room to work in the spacious cabin that typically includes pull-out tables and a 4-person conference configuration. With an impressive range, this aircraft is ideal for both domestic and international trips for up to 9 passengers.

We have extensive operating experience with this type of aircraft; however it is not currently active on our air carrier certificate. We can obtain and operate the best suited aircraft or work with our approved vendor network to fulfill your air travel needs.  Please contact us for more information chartering, operating, owning or leasing this type of aircraft.


Passenger Capacity
Seating: 9

Cabin Dimensions
Height: 6.3 ft (1.90m)
Width: 7.2 ft (2.19 m)
Length: 22 ft (6.7 m)

Baggage Capacity
Internal: 25 cu.ft (0.7 cu.m)
External: 125 cu.ft (3.5 cu.m)

Range: 3,830 SM (6,164km)
Endurance: 7.5 hrs
Speed: 540 mph (869 km/h)
Altitude: 45,000 ft (13,720 m)
Minimum Runway Length: 4600 ft

Cabin Amenities
Productivity: 110V, Wi-Fi
Entertainment: CD, DVD, Airshow
Galley: Mini (Forward)
Lavatory: Fully Private (Aft)

Cabin Attendant: N/A
Equipment: Defibrillator, Enhanced in-flight weather radar

Spec Sheet


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