Hawker 400XP

With the Hawker 400XP, speed and value do not come at the expense of comfort. With its meticulous design, craftsmanship, and unique "squared oval" cabin, the Hawker 400 provides more head and shoulder room for up to seven passengers who can relax in custom leather seats. The Hawker 400XP is an ideal aircraft for both business or pleasure travel.

We have extensive operating experience with this type of aircraft; however it is not currently active on our air carrier certificate. We can obtain and operate the best suited aircraft or work with our approved vendor network to fulfill your air travel needs.  Please contact us for more information on chartering, operating, owning or leasing this type of aircraft.

Passenger Capacity
Seating: 7

Cabin Dimensions
Height: Height: 4.8ft (1.46m)
Width: 4.9ft (1.49m)
Length: 15.6ft (4.75m)

Baggage Capacity
Internal: 31.0 cu.ft (0.77 cu.m)
External: 25.0 cu.ft (0.71 cu.m)

Range: 1,550 SM (2,494km) ?
Endurance: 3.0hrs ?
Speed: 515mph (830km/h) ?
Altitude: 45,000ft (13,720m) ?

Cabin Amenities
Productivity: 110V
Video Monitors: 1 ?
Entertainment: CD, Airshow
Galley: Partial (Forward) ?
Lavatory: Fully Private (Aft) ?

Cabin Attendant: N/A
Equipment: Defibrillator, Enhanced in-flight weather radar


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