Aircraft Sales & Consulting

Aircraft Sales

FlightWorks’ business aviation consultants make aircraft acquisition and ownership easy for our clients. You can depend on us to bring the best acquisition experts to the table when you are ready to purchase or upgrade an aircraft.

With our team’s thorough analysis of your flight operations, you can identify opportunities for revenue generation and cost savings, and put it into action with our custom plan for you and your aircraft.

We keep you advised of current market trends, regulatory changes and acquisition opportunities, so you can enjoy flying without being grounded by the details that come with aircraft ownership.

FlightWorks uses personal connections, historical industry data, and experience in closing aircraft deals to make sure you are placed in an aircraft that meets your needs.

Aviation Consulting

Whether it is determining the correct aircraft to purchase or how to make aircraft ownership enjoyable and efficient, FlightWorks has you covered. Our in-depth needs analysis identifies what characteristics are important to you, and which ones are not worth the investment.

Beyond that, FlightWorks’ Turnkey Acquisition and Management service makes aircraft ownership easy and enjoyable. We have combined aircraft acquisition and aircraft management into one comprehensive program. By doing so, there is no delay in operating your aircraft immediately after acquisition.

With expert care, we take the hassle out of FAA compliance, flight crew hiring, maintenance management, and daily operations of your aircraft.

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