Can your company benefit from business aviation? While many come to the conclusion that private travel is exorbitantly expensive, others see the benefits. It all boils down to how important your time is.

Time is the one commodity that we can’t produce more of. Traveling privately, however, can be a massive time saver. For instance, if you need to have 3 different meetings in 3 different cities, it could take you 2-3 days to travel to those cities commercially. This could also add extensive drive time if those are smaller cities without commercial air service. Even if the city has commercial air service, you would likely need to connect at a hub airport. By the time this trip is complete, you have spent more time at an airport or sitting in the car than you have focused on your business. This is 2-3 days out of the office not spent working. How much does this time outside of the office cost your company?

By traveling privately you can land at airports much closer to your meeting location, cutting down on drive time, TSA, and travelling to your gate at the commercial airport. You can complete all 3 meetings in one business day and be home in time for dinner. You can be at the office the next day refreshed.

So next time you need to travel, consider flying privately to maximize your time and efficiency. Give our sales team a call at (770)-422-7375 or shoot us a quick email for a quote at