Dan Lucey - President

Nick Hutchinson - Director of Sales

Michael Jefcoat - Director of Operations

Kevin Bryant - Chief Pilot

Josh Cooper - Director of Maintenance

Tara Rice - Quality Assurance Manager

Jeff McMullen - Operations Manager

There are a relatively small number of individuals in the business aviation community that have transformed themselves from the cockpit to the boardroom successfully. Daniel Lucey is one of those people, having crafted his aviation career around three basic principles: people, planning and process. With more than twenty years of industry experience, Dan's efforts focus on profitable business strategies and solid business fundamentals for long-term growth while ensuring safety and service quality remains at the highest levels in the industry. In addition to his role as President, he also is a member of the FlightWorks board of directors. Dan has a career path that is rare among aviation leaders. He spent a decade with NetJets, garnering five type ratings and 11,000 hours of accident and incident free flight time. His career at NetJets culminated with his assignment to Chief Pilot at the age of 33, where he was responsible for over 2,000 pilots and 400 aircraft. In addition, Dan created the aircraft management division for Flight Options, where he served as the General Manager of Aircraft Management Programs. Dan's education includes a B.S. degree in Aviation Management and Flight Technology with honors from the Florida Institute of Technology. In addition, he earned his MBA from Franklin University and was elected a Leadership Scholar as the top student in his class. He is also an active business aviation advocate, serving on several board of directors, participating in numerous aviation related associations and serving as an FAA ARC committee member.

Nick Hutchinson began his career with FlightWorks as a Charter Sales Representative in July 2013. He learned firsthand what it took to make the sales process run smoothly. Nick is a team player that has risen through the organization from Charter Sales Representative to Charter Sales Manager and to his current role as the Director of Sales. During his time with FlightWorks, Nick has refined the sales process and built a successful charter sales team that focuses on the charter goals of its aircraft owners.

Mike Jefcoat graduated Cum Laude from Utah Valley University and earned his pilot’s license while in college. He began his aviation career with a Part 121 carrier. He later became a consultant with one of the nation’s top-flight schools where he helped them develop an industry leading preparatory course for aspiring airline pilots. Mike has over 11,000 hours of flight time of which 9,000 hours are as a pilot in command. He is a strong advocate of safety and security in the aviation community and strives to expand his knowledge base in aviation, focusing on management and leadership.

Kevin Bryant graduated Magna Cum Laude from Liberty University with a degree in Aeronautics. After serving in the US Army, Kevin started his aviation career developing and implementing new flight departments throughout the United States. During that time, he flew for a Part 121 airline and later a large Part 91 operator accumulating over 9000 hours of flight time. He has served on several aviation boards to promote business aviation and the vital role it plays in today’s economy. Kevin’s focus is on safety, aviation management and leadership.

Josh Cooper is a FAA Certified A&P Mechanic with an Inspection Authorization rating. He has more than 13 years of maintenance experience in the aviation industry. Before joining FlightWorks in 2012, Josh worked for seven years with a diverse range of organizations including US Airways and Delta Air Lines. As a designated Manager on Duty at Delta, Josh was responsible for regulation compliance, supervising maintenance and ensuring that it was accurately and efficiently completed. Josh’s diverse background in Quality Assurance, Maintenance Control and as a Maintenance Technician provided a strong foundation for his success as Director of Maintenance.

As Manager of the Quality Control Department, Tara Rice ensures the airworthiness and reliability of all aircraft on the company fleet. She is a voting member and chairperson of the Continuing Analysis Surveillance System (“CASS”) Board. CASS provides FlightWorks with an open forum to periodically review the performance and effectiveness of the FlightWorks maintenance programs. Since joining FlightWorks in 2013, Tara has attended the Argus Aviation Lead Auditor Training and continues to educate herself on maintenance technology.

During Jeff McMullen’s twenty year aviation career, he has worked in both commercial and private aviation. His job experiences have helped him to understand all aspects associated with aviation trip planning. In 2015, Jeff became FlightWorks' Operations Manager, where he currently manages the Dispatch team and oversees all daily and planned flight operations. He and his team work directly with the Client Services and Charter Services teams to ensure that each flight is planned, dispatched and flown in such a way as to provide a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience for every client.


Corporate Office - 1755 McCollum Parkway, Entrance C, Kennesaw, GA 30144