Aircraft Management

Your Aircraft Is An Asset. We'll Manage It Like One.

FlightWorks is not your typical “aircraft management” company. In fact, we don’t call ourselves aircraft managers. We are asset managers, where our decision making is founded in long-term value preservation of your aircraft. The FlightWorks team of seasoned professionals includes talent assembled from the best in the private aviation industry. Our leadership team has over 125 combined years of experience in business aviation.

Transparency = Trust

It’s simple – we believe in transparency. FlightWorks earns money from aircraft management clients only through management fees and charter commissions. There are zero markups on anything. Every penny of our proven procurement strategy is passed onto you without markup. To be clear – we do not mark up pilot training, fuel, third party maintenance, or anything else we procure on behalf of our aircraft management clients.

No Working Capital Required

FlightWorks offers an innovative program that eliminates the need for working capital deposits. Many companies ask for deposits to fund aircraft operations cash flow. Not FlightWorks. Our clients who allow us to charter their aircraft pay no working capital. No capital risk. No worries about losing a large deposit. Just peace of mind knowing you are affiliated with a financially stable partner.

It’s All In The Numbers

So how can you tell if we are managing your aircraft asset for long-term value preservation? We share intelligent data with our aircraft owners every month that provides insights that no other company provides, including:

  • Operating cost per owner hour – with and without charter revenue, so you know the bottom-line charter contribution per flight hour and how it reduces your cost of flying.
  • Fuel pricing and consumption – see economy of scale fuel pricing in real dollars and cents while also knowing how economically your aircraft is being operated.
  • Maintenance costs per hour and 90-day forecasting – you will always be informed well in advance of upcoming maintenance inspections, downtime, and the exact cost of all maintenance per hour.
  • Aircraft warranties and programs – many “management” companies do not maximize the use of warranty coverage to keep your cost of maintenance as low as possible.  We track every aspect of every warranty item and maintenance program to maximize the benefits and reduce your cost of ownership.
  • Flight time / cycles – this critical item is often overlooked when planning daily flight segments.  The fine print of your engine or maintenance program contains provisions for minimum flight hour-to-cycle ratios.  These are tracked to minimize your risk of financial penalties from the OEM or service provider. 
  • Charter hours vs. goal – we work with you to develop an annual budget that includes charter hours and revenue.  You will know exactly how we perform to that budget.
  • Daily aircraft utilization – you’ll know exactly what your aircraft did every day of the month.

Know Your Aircraft Management Company

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my aircraft being managed as an asset with preserved long-term value, or is my management company using my aircraft in whatever way makes them the most money?
  • Is my management company 100% transparent on how they earn their money?
  • Do I receive 100% of the benefits of the savings my management company receives through discounted fuel, training and insurance, or do they take a cut?
  • Am I receiving 100% of the fuel surcharge collected from charter customers that fly in my aircraft, or is my management company taking a cut?
  • Does my management company take 100% of the credit risk for charter collections?
  • Am I certain that my aircraft is being operated in an efficient manner? Am I receiving intelligent data that shows the value my management company is delivering?
FlightWorks Typical Management Company
Industry best safety accreditations that require on-site 3rd party audits Minimal 3rd party on-site audits and accreditations
100% pass-through of value chain savings & fuel surcharge Mark-up of fuel, pilot training, and maintenance commonplace
True asset management to preserve aircraft value No experience managing assets, your plane is just a charter tool
Proven procurement = lower ownership costs No organized procurement strategy
Two decades of excellence Many have existed for fewer than five years
World-wide operating authority and experience, international ops every day Domestic only or limited international ability with little experience
Dedicated full-time Safety Manager If there is a Safety Manager at all, they have several jobs
Dedicated charter sales in the field every day On-call from home after business hours
Low owner and pilot turnover Significant turnover (can be > 75%)
100% of the credit risk is charter collections with guaranteed hourly rate of return to aircraft owner Owner doesn't get paid unless management company is paid
Flexible initial working capital options Large initial working capital deposits mandatory

The FlightWorks Difference

Asset Management - not aircraft management

Read about the FlightWorks approach to aircraft management and discover how you can decrease your cost of flying.



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