Effective June 22, 2023, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will implement a set of new guidelines that require the collection of passenger information before any private aircraft can depart. Private jet operators will now be mandated to collect the names, birthdates, and gender of all passengers as part of enhanced security measures introduced by the TSA.

The decision to expand security protocols to encompass private aviation comes as a proactive measure by the TSA to maintain comprehensive security standards across all sectors of air travel. While private aviation has historically operated under comparatively relaxed security measures in relation to commercial airlines, evolving threats necessitate a reassessment of security measures.

The introduction of passenger information collection aims to facilitate more effective passenger screening and ensure accurate identification of individuals aboard private aircraft. By gathering passenger names, birthdates, and gender, the TSA seeks to strengthen security checks and cross-reference this information with their extensive databases, ultimately mitigating potential risks and enhancing overall safety.